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The Dano Drum

The Dano Drum is a proprietary waste pulverisation system, based upon a rotating drum which was one of the first popular waste treatment technologies, emerging during the 1990s. In their words it is a "horizontally. mounted, rotating steel cylinder which automatically. shreds, mixes and homogenises the refuse". In many cases the organic fraction from the drum is composted.

Dano Viridor WM- BeddingtonThe Dano Drum is a system known to all those engineers which have been involved in the waste processing technology scene for some years. The system is still often used (about 9 plants in the UK), but the high profile it once held has been lessened by the wealth of new technologies which have emerged over the past few years.

When the system emerged it was viewed as a technology for organic fraction separation, however, with increased recycling this process has become just one element within the more process intensive array of technologies now being installed as part of many modern MBT, and MRF Plants, which now also process the non-organic fraction.

The Dano Drum is provided by Seghers Keppel who design, manufacture and install a variety of waste treatment systems, including in-vessel composting. 

This specialised pre-processing equipment, was developed in Europe and is being used in the largest plants world-wide. 

For example Keppel Seghers is currently (2007), undertaking the engineering, design, supply, commissioning and start-up of a waste recycling plant utilising the renowned Seghers Dano Drum waste pulverisation technology to pre-treat 110,000 tonnes of waste per year at the Viridor waste management facility in Beddington, Carshalton, London (UK). 

COMPOSTING: Composting is low-temperature partial oxidation of the easily degradable proteins, fats, simple sugars, and carbohydrates contained in plant cells and animal tissues.


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