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Waste Technology

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This web site has been prepared to illustrate the key aspects of the technologies available for treating municipal waste in 2004.

Many of the descriptions provided are generic or based on 'typical' examples of the technologies. The reason for this is the wide diversity of options available in some systems (Anaerobic Digestion, MBT, In-vessel Composting and Pyrolysis and Gasification, in particular).

Each technology is accompanied by a schematic diagram illustrating typical inputs and outputs of the processes, the key for these diagrams is as follows:-

Key to the schematic diagrams in each section

  Waste Input           Technology                  Output as waste / fuel / recyclate

  Emission to air          Emission to Water           Output to electricity generation    

In addition to the technologies included there is also a section on dedicated pre-treatment processes which may form part of an integrated waste management solution.


The policy matrix section is a matrix showing how the technologies relate to current UK environmental policies. There may be exceptions to the results in this matrix as in some instances the result is dependent upon specific configurations of technologies and the interpretation of policies.

January 2012 Update:

Over the last 8 years since this web site was conceived there has been significant development of a number of technologies which are commonly now referred to as "Heat (Thermal) Treatment". We have added a page to provide further information on this subject here.



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edie keynote article - waste and recycling: Are you Waste Aware? (2003)

"Traditional ways of managing your waste will be squeezed: we must recycle much more, recover energy from waste, landfill less or pre-treat what we do landfill. With landfill being the dominant and cheapest option in the UK - 10 to 20 per tonne, plus tax - this will not be easy. In Ireland it already costs up to 100 per tonne plus tax, and rising. (Written in 2003). If you're not already sweating over increased costs and more complex compliance with the law – you will be.
The next few years contain a real waste wake
-up call."

Steve Lee, Chief Executive Officer at the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management reviews the challenges ahead in waste management

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