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Welcome to the Mechanical Biological Treatment Web Site

We have called this website the Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) Website, as we think that most of you will arrive after searching for MBT, as most of these technologies will be used as part of an MBT strategy. The site might also be called "Waste Management Technologies" which would be a better title for the non-expert.

Others especially in Europe have adopted the term "Mechanical Biological Pre-Treatment", as the starting point for all these processes is the intent to re-use, recycle or treat the waste, and in particular to reduce the organic (compostable) content as much as possible before the residue eventually is sent to landfill.

It is now over 10 years since we set up this website in 2003, and there has been significant progress. From only about 15% of waste going anywhere other that straight into a landfill in the UK, the nation is now diverting approximately 40% of its waste away from landfill and the amount is rising every year. Further improvements to waste facilities in the UK will mean that the proportion of waste sent to landfill will continue to reduce, and by 2025 the UK hopes to be very close to meet its target for "zero waste" to landfill.

Since 2011, the bar has been risen yet again, and the new target is "zero waste" by 2025. Each of the devolved UK regions now has their own strategy planned to achieve that magic goal of "zero waste"!!

Furthermore, the waste and resource management industry has been largely spared the government cutbacks which have been hitting the UK economy recently. AND, they have to continue to do this if the forthcoming deadlines for increased waste diversion away from landfill, EU targets, are to be met..

 How we achieved better recycling: To set the scene, for the United Kingdom:-

In the late 1990s the UK began to implement the EU Landfill Directive which placed a challenge to the UK to catch up with the degree of recycling and waste diversion away from landfill being achieved at that time by the Benelux countries (Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg), France, and Germany. All the signatories to the EU Landfill Directive also pledged to reduce landfilling much further.

One of the first actions which the UK Government took, was to create a Waste Infrastructure Development (WID) Programme for England, which has been administered within DEFRA ever since (now in conjunction with government bodies DECC, and WRAP. Their overall remit is to oversee the allocation of the Private Finance Initiative - or PFI - funded projects to help local authorities build new waste plants.

Additional funding for PFI, which is now resulting in improved recycling across the whole nation, was announced by the Chancellor in the 'Autumn 2007 Comprehensive Spending Review'. The PFI programme increased spending to £2 billion over thefollowing 3 years, from January 2008, and subsequent funding has followed a very similar trend.

Waste strategy elsewhere in the UK is the remit of the regional assemblies and the Scottish Parliament where similar or more advanced targets exist.

For more scene setting, highly recommended if you are new to the subject, click here and here.

   Fig. 1. The Waste Heirarchy

We have been involved in all aspects of the introduction of Mechanical Biological Treatment to the United Kingdom since the inception of the concept, over the years since the Landfill Directive came into force in July 2001. In this web site we share our knowledge in "the processes capable of treating municipal waste".

For visitors world-wide who are reading this website, we hope that we will make you aware of many of the technologies which may also be capable of solving your problems.

We also hope you will contact us if you have a problem we can possibly solve.

For all visitors we hope that this site will prove to be a useful introduction to the ever widening subject that MBT has become.

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An introduction to the processes capable of handling mixed municipal waste 'as delivered'*.

1. Mechanical Biological Treatment

2. Unsorted / residual waste Materials Recovery Facility (Dirty MRF)

3.  Processes capable of handling municipal waste after a significant degree of pre-processing†


Matrix showing how the MBT technologies fit within the environmental policy framework

* these are the waste management processes capable of receiving mixed 'black bag' municipal waste, excluding landfill. A minor degree of pre-processing will often still be required for these processes however this is usually only a small component of the overall system, the most significant being with the Fluidised Bed EfW system.

these are processes that generally cannot effectively operate without either another waste management process / operation taking place (such as source segregation of MSW) before waste comes to the plant, or a significant pre-treatment operation at the front-end of the facility.

If you like to watch videos, the two below will give anyone new to waste technologies, an insight into the type of plant layouts and activities common to the types Waste Processing/MBT plants described on this web site, in this case applied to a MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) and a Composting system.



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